Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Book Fair Warehouse Sale

Being a teacher is a pretty awesome gig.  I love it.  I love the kids, the content I teach, the school I work at and the most recent addition to things I love... Scholatsic Book Fair WAREHOUSE SALES!!!!!

So here's the deal, the local warehouse has two sales a year.  Every book is either 25% off or 50-80% off. WHAT? SERIOUSLY?  YOU'RE KIDDING RIGHT?

Plus if you spend $50 you save $10 or if you spend $100 you save $25.

At first the awesomeness is overwhleming.

Then its time to focus and load up your cart.  SO MANY BOOKS.

I walked up to the register with $85 in books, the woman said, "go pick out two more books, it will sent your total to $100 and then you can you the save $25 coupon."

I walked over to this Unwanted Book cart and found THE BOOK THIEF sitting right on top.  Awesome.

Wanna see how many books I got for $75?

5 Books for my daughter (she's going through a dinosuar phase right now and 2 high interest low reading level books.

Big book about animals, EON (one of the discarded books) The Book Thief, a Bone Book, Gregor the Overlander by a little lady who wrote an unknown series called The Hunger Games, Scat, What I saw and How I lied (SO looking forward to reading this one) Maxium Ride Book 1, and Hero's for my Son-- I know the Author Brad Meltzer and he's an awesome man.  I started reading the book in the warehouse and I started to cry.    9 books.

Dragon Keeper, Full Tilt, two books I don't know anything about.  Amela Rules , I"ve been reading this comic for YEARS now and I"m SUPER excited to see a company like Scholastic backing it.  Laika, my friend bought me this book and I took it with me when I went into labor,  I read the rest when I was on maternity leave.  The first book in the Seekers series,  The Juvie Three, because I LOVE Gorman Korman and Leviathan.  7 Books

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME  23 books for $75 average cost per book $3.17.

Oh you are ALL SO jealous of me.

I'm giving away some as prizes to my students.  I had 10 students watch Project For Awesome Videos-- four kids watched over 30 videos and commented.  Project for awesome raised over $100,000.  Thanks John and Hank for being totally and utterly awesome.

BTW- Last night Holly and Alicia and I chatted about the Bloggers Getaway. Lots of giggles, lots of talking (by me) and a whole lot of fun.

In the first week of January we will featuring three getaway locations and three conference locations.  Be sure that to follow Holly's and Alicia's blogs so you can get the details.   Surveys will come shortly after we feature the locations.


  1. Charlesbridge has their warehouse sales 2x a year, but I still haven't made it to one because I'm always doing something else. I'll make it in April. I swear.

  2. Wow, I can't believe how many books you got@!

  3. I'm so jealous right now I'm about to burst!!! What an incredible stack of books you got :)

  4. Wow, I remember book sales. I can't believe how many books my parents bought me, and I can't believe that I actually read all of them. You got a great deal!

    I think I heard an interview about Heroes for My Son on NPR the other morning? It sounded like a really wonderful book.