Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday- crazy pants

YA Highway Road Trip 

LIKE MANDARIN's 1st line is "The winds in Washokey make people go crazy." Tell us something crazy you've done!

Ok so you would think from my wacky crazy personality that I do crazy things.  Nope. I mean sure I've done some crazy things but nothing I would post on the internet, after all my mom reads this blog and I think some students lurk as well.  

Mostly I do lots of socially awkward things.  

I shown up to the wrong funeral home for a wake for a friend's father.  I figured it out before walking into the building but I did stop and ask a group of people if this was for my friend's dad and they blink at me and said no, "it's for a mom." yikes!   It was a long walk a shame back to my car and then I was late for the wake. 

I did flash my entire wedding because I wore a strapless dress and foolishly forgot to eat the week before the wedding, losing weight.  My dress fell below my bra line.  

I've walked into park cars before.  

One time I was friends with a girl for two years (called her on the phone, hung out with her,  shared a seat with her on the bus and had a class with her) and I didn't know her name.   I was caught when I wrote her name on a paper, I wrote A and a whole bunch of scribbles.   When she said, "Erinn, you didn't spell  my name right." 
I said, "That's ok, I don't know what your name is anyway." 

A few years later I had three grad classes with a girl and when I went to write her name down... see I LEARNED from my last mistake.   She looked at me and said. "J. E. N." 


Sometimes being socially awkward is WAY worse then being crazy.  Crazy can be a one time event or be trigger by some external force, but socially awkward is forever. 

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  1. LOL at not knowing the girl's name! I always panic when I can't remember someone's name.

  2. haha! I've totally done the not knowing a friend's name before... but not quite for two years.

    I don't walk into parked cars much, but walls... as in, ones that have been there for years and I see every day?

  3. Great stories! "Socially awkward is forever." Priceless!

  4. I think I heard most of these, but love them just the same.

  5. Oh no! You know, I was reading a wedding photography blog, and according to that photographer, he has had to Photoshop bridal flashes out of the wedding pictures multiple times over the years. Yeesh, right?

    And I walk into parked cars all the time. Once or twice I've even gotten INTO the wrong car and/or tried to unlock the wrong car.

  6. Love the friend's name story! I'm horrible with names, so I can relate.

  7. Um can I just say I have done THE SAME THING. Like, "Oh and how do you spell your name again?" thinking I'm all slick. "R.Y.A.N." so, so awkward.

    I have also totally run into parked cars, and doors, and desks, etc etc etc. I feel better knowing I'm not the only one!

  8. Those are so funny! The name thing gets me all the time because I am terrible with names!

  9. New follower! *waves* See, you're one step closer to 100. :) I actually have an ARC of Like Mandarin staring at me, so now I'm itching to read it. And love your stories. I thought those were the kind of things that only happened to me. Glad to know I'm not alone!

  10. Oh, I love Like Mandarin. And crazy stuff?? Um, I wouldn't even know where to start!!

  11. I am also terrible with names. I live in fear of bumping into people from high school and college.
    And I have also been known to walk into parked cars.

    Shannon: eek! hope you enjoy it!

  12. I am so horrible with names. Everyone at my work is Chinese or Taiwanese though, so I feel like I have an excuse. Then again after two years...

    J. E. N. - love it!!