Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Repost of My Funniest Posts 4

Posted December 2009

My Neighbors

I’m pretty certain my neighbors stole the batteries out of our LED light up wreath last year.

Background knowledge:
I think wreaths are stupid. Well, no, I really like them, in the daytime. But at night the look stupid, because everything else is all lit up and the door is not.

I know what you’re thinking, use a spot light:
I live in a townhouse, I use my front door to get out of my house, and I don’t want to put a spot light on my front door. Mostly because I don’t want to get blinded every time I walk my dog.

Anyway, I discovered in Target all my Christmas problems could be solved with this wreath.

It was battery operated = no extension cords.
It had a 12-hour timer= I never had to turn it on
It was pretty= good in the day and at night.
It was awesome= I loved it.

Then something occurred.

My neighbor across the street had the same wreath.
I will be completely honest; I don’t know who got it first. It might have been him, maybe not.

Things that make you go HMMMM

Days leading up to Christmas

My Neighbor’s wreath is looking a little dim.

One night my dog goes bunkers barking and scratching at the door. I heard rattling and scratching outside the door but thought it was animal. Not out of the norm in my neighborhood where apparently the leash law is optional.

A few days later
My wreath is on at 3 pm when I’m coming home from work. The timer was set for 7pm-7am.

Two days before Christmas I find two tiny screws on my step outside my door. I don’t know what they could possibly be used for.
I notice the neighbor’s wreath is looking good.

Christmas morning
Zoey gets a gift that requires C batteries. Hubby says, “I just put C batteries in wreath, I’ll go get them.”

He gets his tiny screwdriver and opens the door. “WHAT THE HELL?” The cover of the battery pack slides off and he said, “These aren’t the batteries I put in.”

He took the batteries out and placed then in Zoë’s toy. The toy last 30 seconds before it dies completely.

My neighbors stole my batteries.

I ask you, what sort of person does that? Why would they do that? What possible thrill or benefit could they get from that?

How much do C batteries go for on the black market?

Under what scenario did they think it was OKAY to enter on my property, with a tiny screwdriver and STEAL the batteries out of my wreath?

I think my act of niceness will be to place two C batteries on their step and say, “This is for you, and your wreath, next time, just ask, you ass hats.”

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  1. Oh, you should so give them the batteries for xmas. But don't leave a note. Make em wonder :)

  2. i bet it was a dare from a drunk middle age christmas party they were having with their former frat bros and sister and they were trying to relive the good ole college days....lame...total losers who can't come up with anything better and it was the most adventurous they had been in months. don't you feel better to be their adventure??