Monday, November 22, 2010

Nanowrimo- GOOD LUCK Week 4

You're heading towards the home stretch.  What's your word count 35K-40K?  Have you moved into that "Good part" of your plot.  Your characters are intersting and cool stuff is about to happen.  You just KNOW IT.

You got past that page 150 hump. 

From here is just gets easier.  Promise.

You might be planning to write on Turkey Day ... I'm here to tell you- it's not going to happen.   There's family, food and a marathon of Man Verses Food on.  Then the turkey chemicals kick in and the next thing you know you're in a coma.

Oh yeah and there's football.

I hear some people are into that.

It's not my thing, but I get why other people love it.

Any cratch Thursday as a day where you're going to get any work done.

Friday you might be able to get something done while everyone else is shopping.  That's cool though, you do all you shopping on line anyway.

This weekend might be productive.

Good luck you're almost there!!!

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  1. My interest was really starting to die out, but last night I had a friend give me a little shove and I'm recommitted! I need to write about 4000 words a day to finish on time, but I haven't lost all hope yet! :-)

  2. I posted on my blog why I didn't participate in NaNo this year... I really need a NaNo June or July instead of November. Such is the way of the university student!

    Also, I'm gonna check out your contest.

  3. Gah. I agree. It's a terrible month for me. I mean, I'm in a high school math class in seventh grade, so November is about when I start pulling all my hair out. xD So what's YOUR word count right now, hmm?