Monday, August 02, 2010

Silly Bandz

Monday: My Life

Today is the LAST day to enter the 50 Followers Contest!  There's lots of cool prizes.  MYSTERY BOXES have been  made.   See previous post for hints about the prizes.  It's awesome.  I would be SUPER psyched to get one of these boxes.   Remember referring people to the blog or tweeting about it more than one will up your points. 

Back to the regularly scheduled blog.
I don't know if you've of these things, their' called Silly Bandz.   It's a little rubber bracelet that when you take it off, it looks like something.

A six months ago one of my students was freaking out because the kid next to her had a dinosaur Silly Bandz.
 She looked up at me and said, "it's this the greatest thing ever?  While it's on his wrist it looks like a circle but when he takes it off, POOF it's a dinosaur."
I responded with, "yes,  besides the instant information of the internet, decoding the human genome and freedom, that piece of rubber is the greatest thing ever. That's teh reason why you were born in this time period.  Face it, you're life peaked as soon as you saw it.  Everything else will pale in comparison."
 She gave me the exact response I expected. No laughter at my genius delivery of snarkiness.  She said, "Whatever it's cool."

I thought they would disappear soon.  WRONG.
 They entered my home life.  My daughter came home from daycare with one.  Then we started trying to get her interested in going to the potty so we invested $5 for a pack.

I saw a bunch of students wearing them and I told them, "My daughter gets one when she goes pee pee on the potty."

Not missing a beat one of my kids lifts his arm full of multicolored rubbed and says, "That's how I got all of mine."

A few minutes later he asks to go to the bathroom.  When he comes back his friend says, "do you get a silly band?"
He shook his head sadly and said, "no, I had an accident."

It's time like those I both love and hate my students.

Anyway, my house is exploding with these damn things.  I'm finding them everywhere.  Really we could probably give my daughter the same three bands over and over again and she would never know.

Just a quick background on Silly Bandz, no advertising, no marketing and the company grew from 5 to 200 employees in one year.  Do you know what else they don't have?  A copyright. Yep.  There's billions of rip offs now.  Some are better and cheaper then Silly Bandz some are not. 

These are official Silly Bandz

These are EXCELLENT knockoffs.

And, um, yeah.
My question to you is, WHAT ARE THESE THINGS?


  1. haha. I'm saying the green one is a strawberry, dark blue, a pear (with the stalk at the top)? Could possibly be a baby's bottle. And the purple? who knows? Maybe jelly, only saying that because it looks wobbly, LOL.

  2. These SHOT UP. I hate them... Wait, wait, wait. WHY is there one on my wrist?

    I thought these were the dumbest things ever, then I found an orange hedgehog on the floor of my room and stealthily snuck it on my wrist after wondering how the HELL it snuck its way in there.

    There has never been a confession as difficult as that.

    I laughed at your snark, by the way. And your students'.

  3. OMGosh - that's how I got mine too! And I didn't miss either!

  4. This is the first I've heard of them - I wonder if my students will have them when I go back to school? Hmmm.

  5. Once they get in your house, they multiply! BEWARE!