Friday, August 13, 2010

Best of Writeoncon

So the blogging world was a little slow these last three days?  Does anyone know why? WRITEONCON!

A totally FREE online writing conference that was awesome.  It was so good on day 1 I sent the founders E-cards.  Shannon said thank you back.


 three pieces of advice for writers

Awesome vlog about the myths of the publishing industry.

how to be funny

why a less then big advance can be a good thing

<--- Writing a query letter.

How your characters handle a life changing situation.

Questions to ask before you revise <--I WISH i had this a month ago.

 this focuses on romance in YA BUT  I think it rings VERY true for all romance subplots

Sex in YA 

Writing in Real life--- AWESOME seriously some of the best stuff out there 

Stay positive in the face of rejection 

The first of a three part series about the first 5 pages of novel... Kathleen Ortz tells us when she stops reading and why or if she requests more and why.

Ready to have your mind blown in a BILLION different ways.  Mary Kole talks about character cliches and how to avoid them and she does some pretty fancy stuff with a rubix cube.

It was an amazing three days, the resources were insanely valubible. 

In other news:  Mr Clean's Magic eraser is, in fact, magic.  I'm talking some serious Harry Potter Sh*t here or Middle Earth or Neverending story.  Not as cool as writeoncon but still pretty freaking magical.