Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Book Review Fire in Fiction

Fire In Fiction
One sentence review: I really liked the writing exercises but it didn't feel like it was right for my book.

Donald Maass wrote Fire in Fiction, and the cover to me looks like Australia.
The book is a way to improve your writing from your characters to the pitfalls of the middle of a book.
For every topic he talks about he gives you a very modern example of exactly what's he's talking about. He uses a large variety of books. genres and authors to support his topics.

The best part is at the end of the chapter he gives you writing exercises to support everything he's talking about.

He also has a whole chapter dedicated to monsters and paranormal writing. I thought that was pretty relevant to the current trends in writing.

There were two major down sides for me
1) I felt like he didn't address my genres that much and very little could I use in my own book.
2) I didn't most of the books he was talking about. I'm a pretty well read person and I felt stupid. Not a nice feeling.

Overall it was pretty useful for someone else but not myself. But that didn't stop me from buying How to write a Break out Novel, Donald Maass' first book. (Which I will be reading soon)

Rating 7 out of 10

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