Sunday, May 09, 2010

Bragging Time!

Ok Back in January I predicted that Iron Man 2 would break records! Yep I was right.

5th highest movie opening of all time, and it was released in the most amount of theaters EVER!

These are the goals I've met:

1) Zoey will learn her ABC and get potty trained. Zoey officially went to pee on the potty TWICE today.
2) I will try not to make chicken every night I cook. A few nights ago I made Pork Chops-- that counts right.
3) Learn all the lyrics to Diego and Dora, not just fumble through them like I do. EPIC FAIL... I still can't do it.
4) Talk to my husband, not just hi's and day to day stuff but deep stuff. I plead the 5th,

1) Find my desk My desk is that thing that holds my computer up, right?
2) Raise my scores for assessments --- Don't know, scores aren't due until June.
3) Try new things every year.--- Wiki Pages for students to do book talks... awesome.

1) Go to the gym more then once a week Kinda--I either go to the gym or take my "Dance" class.
2) Learn something new every day. I totally learned something really snazzy yesterday about time but I totally forgot it.
3) Take better care of myself... fail I gained 5 pounds and my neighbor asked me if I was pregnant.

1) Finish 10th draft of NSAA= write 11th draft of No System At All Done Draft 11, waiting on feedback. Newest goal get that ready to query this summer.
2) Revise New York Karma- get it ready for a summer query Revised NYK- Done, I want to push NSAA forward sooner. NYK will get queried in Novemeber while everyone is doing NANOWRIMO. (I'm so evil)
3) Start writing sequel to NSAA Not a fail, but I started a new project
4) maintain this blog and Be Nice To Strangers. Be Nice to Strangers was renamed to Project Nice, and it has something nice happening on it every day from Feb 1 to June 17. NICE WORK

Not bad for the 5th month of the year!

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