Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My verison of Nanowrimo

Ok I'm starting a new project.
My goal, to finish my newest novel's first draft by the end of the school year. June 23.

My goal is to revise my oldest WIP No System At All and have that ready to query by the end of the summer.

I'm getting all the feedback from my writers group about my second WIP New York Karma tomorrow. I'm going the shelve that one for a while until I start to miss the characters again. After the query/ rejection process is over for No System At All. (I'm hopeful but VERY realistic)

In the meantime, I plan on writing a new story. It's a retelling of a classic greek myth in modern times, complete with a not so goth kid, a accidental kidnapping and six month quarantine.

I started writing it two days ago and I've got 1373 words (three pages for anyone who's counting.)

I want to get about 250 pages and 60K words.

How will I do this? Between mommihood, working, wifing and doctor who, how will I get all this done? Easy--- I plan to do it all, badly.
It's worked so far in my life, lets see how long I can push it.

I'll keep you updated but I need you to help me stay motivated... can you do it? Can I do it?

Let's see if Penny and Hank ever make it out of my head and onto my computer screen.

Penny and Hank Day 3 word count 1373 words.

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