Tuesday, November 24, 2009

two days of stupidity

I was doing some on-line shopping for my parents (Mom if you're reading this, I still haven't decided what to get you. But for a good 10 minutes this was pretty high up on the list)

Please note what this item is missing... Yep that's right, it doesn't come with PLANTS. $80.00 and NO PLANTS.

Then there's poor Paula Dean who got it in the face with a ham. There's too many jokes, so I'll let you fill in your own here____________________________________.

Finally, to make everyone smile. I was in a group interaction with a stranger and during a silent part of the encounter,

I farted.

My friend whispered, "Was it Gary?" The only male in the room.

I said, "Sure, we'll blame him."

On a side note December starts be nice to a stranger(or someone I love) month.
I will be starting a new blog. I hope everyone follows it who reads this.

I have 10 ideas and 3 pretty standard ideas.
I need 31.
I could use a little help coming up with some.
The idea is I would do something nice for someone I don't know and make their day. It's amazing how much one little thing can improve someone's day and maybe they will be nice to a stranger too.

So I planned on keeping everything cheap or free. No more then $5.00 per day. Free is better. Not because I'm cheap, but because I"m a little cheap. These things should be huge epic sort of things, but easy things that anyone could do.

Any ideas?


  1. I think you should make it a complete experiment where you do one thing that is so superly nice that you repeat. And repeat. And repeat. That way you can see how different people react to the same thing.

    Also, I think you can link your other blog to this blog.

  2. Take the blame from somebody else's fart to save them the embarassment (in like, a public setting, I guess).

    /too weird?