Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey Air

The air smells like turkey.

This could mean only a few thing.
1) Someone is doing a practice turkey, meaning their house will be overloaded with Turkey.
2) I've got my days wrong and I'm late for Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws
3) Someone is deep frying a turkey.
For the record and I might be making this up, but Thanksgiving is the most active day for the fire department. Apparently, people are placing frozen turkeys into a vat of oil and when the ice melts problems occur. You know because water and oil bitch slap one another. Another problem comes from people fill up the vat with oil BEFORE putting the turkey in and then science takes over and oil overflows and a fire is born.

So far no firetrucks have been deployed into my hood.

But the day is early.

Shameless self promotion:
A week ago I sent an e-mail to an agent about a question I had about when would be a good time to send a query letter.
She answered it today.

Happy Early Thanksgiving.

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