Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sleep verse being a good parent.

I have a hard time sleeping. I can't shut my brain off, and relax. Maybe you could tell this by the Writer's OCD post earlier.

Last night I went to bed at 9:30, I was asleep when my hubby came in to watch RAW.
So I woke up.
Couldn't sleep until 11:30 when I was in the half wake half sleepy state, not dreaming but not thinking.
Zoey started to cry. Not that whimper, I'm awake and uncomfortable, but I'm fraking scared cry.
She had a nightmare.
At midnight she came to bed with us. She kept saying "Map." Translation- I want to watch Dora.
"No, Zoey, you're not watching Dora."
This went on until 12:45 when Hubby finally put her to bed and stayed there with her.
I might have fallen asleep.
At 1:30ish she starts sobbing again.
I went into her room, (I"m not proud of this) and slept on her floor. No, correction, I didn't sleep, I laid there and her baby fingers and hands would hit me in the head.
By 2:30 I gave up. I changed her (Because that was probably a reason why she was still awake) and gave her some benadryl.
Yep at 2:30 in the morning I opted for sleep instead of being a good parent.

Here's the thing about the grown up world. No matter how much sleep you get the night before, life still goes on. You still have to wake up, get dressed, brush your teeth, slather on deodorant, walk the dog, get lunch and breakfast together, get your kid up for daycare and go to work. Life doesn't stop because you need a nap.

For Zoey, if she needs a nap she can just go take one.


Oh to be a kid again.

So dear readers, I ask you this, what's the one thing you wish you could still do from your childhood that you can't do anymore as an adult?


  1. Nothing!

    Just the other day, I built a fort out of the pillows and covers in my bedroom. Don't tell Cindy. :)

  2. Wet the bed.

    KIDDING, sheesh.

    I wish that I could still be as outgoing I suppose. I was one of those kids that talked to ANYBODY. It's a miracle I wasn't kidnapped.

  3. Play outside all day without someone wondering where I am and why I didn't come to work.

    However, being an adult does have perks... I can now lie to small children and get away with it :o)