Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dear Owl City

Dear Owl City,

I would like to state for the record I like your song "Fireflies" the first time I heard it over two months ago.
However after watching your video, (click the link to watch it) I feel that I should inform you that electricity is not magical.
Maybe if you were born in the 17th century, it's magic. Black magic even. He's a witch, throw him in a lake.

Yet, according to your video you like vintage toys. Awesome. I like that stuff too.

But I would like to point out to you that all the toys you show in the video made after the 17th century. In fact all of those things were invented with the use of electricity.

So yeah.

Just to recap- I like your music, but electricity is not magic.

Oh and Muse, are we supposed to rise up against the Evil Teddy Bears or we supposed to use the Evil Vampire Teddy Bears in our uprising? I just need a little clarification.

Thank you.


  1. One: electricity is SO MAGIC.
    Two: Ugh, not more autotuning... =(
    Three: I need to stop checking facebook so often.

    Four: ???
    Five: Profit

  2. Kings of Leon didn't use autotuning, neither did The Airborne Toxic Event.

    Do you understand the Muse Video? Because I could use a literary analysis on that bad boy.

  3. Is it just me or does Owl City sound a lot like Death Cab for Cutie? Not that it's a bad thing - I love Death Cab. But you're right...electricity is not magic. At all. It's science (weird science!).

    ABC has been using the Muse song to promote V...I don't think it's working. As for the video...I think the teddy bears and the ones uprising. They'll no longer be pawns of our hugs.

    That's the most ridiculous sentence I think I've ever written.

  4. I think electricity is magic. And I'm an electrical engineer. It's amazing how it works. We've gotten so used to always-on, reliable, powerful, electricity that we don't fully appreciate how amazing it is. Magical even. Technology only becomes technology when we understand it. Until then, it's magic.

    Remember Clarke's Third Law...any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.