Monday, September 17, 2012


I don't understand spam.  Not just the ham in a can but email spam.  I don't need a larger penis.. I'm a woman.  I'm not looking to meet singles in the area, regardless of their religion, I'm married. 

Who falls for this?


Maybe if you were a time traveler from the 1930's you MIGHT fall for it.  But if you've mastered time travel then you're smart enough not to give your money to some random prince who magically found you. 

I'm finding my blog, which admittedly has been pretty inactive, has been getting a lot of spam comments.

"I love your blog, check out my blog, iheartfakeblogs.blogspot."  Sigh.

Dear spammers, you're wasting EVERYONE'S time.  Yours, mine and my mom, because she still reads all the comments on my blog. 

Anyone else seeing this trend?  


  1. Are you saying the Nigerian ambassador who's a distant relative of mine hasn't died six times in the last three years?

  2. Yes! It's bad enough in emails, but getting spam comments on blogs is so...weird.

  3. Thanks. Your Blog reads well, I like it, keep at it, love it.