Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Monday: Rediscovery.


Genre: philosophical stuff

Have you ever been searching through your music library looking for that super cheesy song you had stuck in your head and you're totally ashamed to admit you bought Now That's What I Call Music 72993  because it had that song on it?  Sure you have.  And instead of finding that one song that rhymes baby with baby or president with president (CURSE YOU, TRAIN)  you find that song that instantly makes you smile.  It had been on the soundtrack to your life during a happier, simpler time. 

You listen to it, with a slight fear, will it sound just as good you remember it? Victory! It does.

Yes. Rediscovery achievement unlocked!

It happens with music, books, TV shows, movies-- that nagging little feeling that hits you at some unknown time like while you're doing dishes or avoiding doing the dishes, a feeling that something out there was better than whatever you were doing at that moment.

Your brain pauses until it hits you.  You remember now.  An a piece of your world, your life you didn't even know was missing, returns like the prodigal son/daughter.  You feel whole again, and you didn't know you were broken.

Sure sometimes it's art and other times it's people. 

Reconnecting, rediscovering a person is the best.

Recently I rediscovered hubby.  It's been awesome.  We laugh more, the annoying little things don't annoy us, and I'm insanely happy.

Go out and rediscover someone or something.  Enjoy it.