Thursday, March 15, 2012

What to do when a plot bunny has infected your brain

From the evil laughter of a muse and spark of inspiration gives birth to a plot bunny.  

They’re cute little things, aren’t they?  So fluffy, so innocent and just one is manageable.  But where there’s one bunny, soon it multiplies through mitosis.

How do you tame these bunnies?  Wrangle them up and put them in a pen- outline a book, see if it works and if you love it enough to spend two years on it... write away.

But sometimes there’s an evil plot bunny.  This one isn’t cute and fluffy, you can easily push it aside.  A few months later it comes back, again. And again.  It’s not a bad plot bunny, maybe the story been done before, or maybe it feels like bad fanfiction.  You talk yourself out of it and pull one of the good bunnies out of the pen and write that for a while.

Evil bunny comes back.

And the more you think about it, the more you kinda want to write it.

Despite it’s flaws -- the story is too big, it will be a nightmare to edit, you’ve got more marketable projects waiting for you and well that’s that little factor of TIME and never having enough.

Those could be enough reasons to crush the bunny.

But it’s like a plot bunny Zombie... it keeps coming back again.  

What to do:
I say write it.  
Go for it.
Not every book or story has to be for an agent or publication. Nope sometimes the only person you need to write for you is.

Maybe you can save some part of it, maybe not.

You’ll probably learn something about yourself while writing it.  Go forth and make the plot bunny happy.  With nothing at stake, you’ll probably make yourself happy to and remember exactly why you like writing in the first place.


  1. Those evil plot bunnies cannot be stopped. Lol I let them take control sometimes, I admit it.

  2. Love this! You must respect the bunny! Who knows, your evil bunny could be the next big thing!