Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Monday: New Girl

Happy Monday

New layout--- I HATED the last one.  It hurt my eyes and quite frankly looked like a 9 year old girl wrote this blog.

Anyway Happy Monday:

Genre: TV Shows
Topic:  New Girl

At start of a new TV season brings much trimoil in my house.  Which pilots will stay, which ones will I hate and therefore stay on the air for years (Seriously,  Grey's Anatomy  is still on the air?  Really?) and which shows will I love and be canceled in three episodes. Oh so many great shows ended up in the TV graveyard.  Wonderfalls, Clerks, Committed just to name a few.

 Each year as the quaility of television decreases and my need for time increases, I find myself simply not interested in TV like I used to be.

Until this year when I discovered  New Girl.  I will say I was HOOKED by the trailer.  Within five minutes I knew "THIS WAS MY SHOW."

 New Girl is all about Jess, a wacky, kind hearted girl who was dumped by her cheating boyfriend and forced to live with three guys in a loft.  It's the supporting cast that balances out the show, because Jess herself, while cute as all get out can be too much to take on her own, it's Nick's negative view of the world that's so funny.

Also what the show shines at is the balance of subplots, some of the best episodes aren't Jess focused.   For example when Nick and Schmidt go to war over fixing things in the apartment, is non stop awesomeness. 

Nick: Unlike you Schmidt, I don't just throw my money at problems!
Schmidt: All I'm hearing is I can't use my bathroom because you're poor.

And yes there is the minor subplot of will Jess and Nick get together, but it's not a HUGE part of the show.  

In the interest of FULL disclosure, if I had not met my husband back in college, YES I would be EXACTLY like Jess, and that's one of the reasons why I love it.
Do yourself a favor and give up 22 minutes of your life and watch New Girl.  It's basically perfect.

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