Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Monday: Cracked

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When I got my Nook Color I downloaded a lovely app called Pulse... it consolidates all the news and humor into one very cool and streamlined it. 

That's how I discovered Cracked. 

It's become my go to place for smart writing, humor and shocking realizations.

Many of these articles contain cursing and adult language, please use caution (or just look at the pictures) But you were warned.

Here are just a few of my favorite articles.

Images you won't believe AREN'T photoshopped.

Here's my favorite from the most recent edition: 
Yep that's a flock of flamingos in the shape of flamingo.
So far there are 8 editions of this series, each edition containing between 17-23 pictures. 

It's the best way to mess with your head.

5 ways you know it's time to get married

This article isn't like any of the other articles about relationships on this website.  This one is personal, smart with anecdotal stories weaved through. 
Reasons include:  You don't need to impress each other and You really understand the meaning of forever.  The article ends with the author proposing to his girlfriend... I won't spoil it for you but it's sort of the most perfect thing I've ever read on the internet.  IF you click on the link above you can read the last page of the article.

How Doctor Who Became My Religion is an article that best explains the complexity of an already amazing show.   I should also say, Doctor Who is the reason why I"m not terrified about 2012... because the Doctor showed me how the universe is going to end and I know for a fact, we go off too all corners of universe. 

The Most Bad Ass Final Words Ever Uttered. (Adult Language)

John Green would love this and probably knows all of them.  Final words hold huge significance, but wow to be a bad ass in your last breath.. very cool

I love this website and gladly give up my very few free moments I have to read it. 

Happy Monday Everyone!

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