Friday, January 06, 2012

Friday Fails-- Holiday Fails

The Holidays are over, or at least  the ones that count.

Is it just me or does anyone else think the new year should just start the day after Christmas?  It seems like a whole lot of build up, then a week of work and then another day off.  That one weird week annoys me.  But clearly that's just me.

Over my little blog break took two pictures.  One is so clearly a cake wreck. I think it's a snowman with a head wound, which is why the snow is bleeding.  Or maybe that's why the face has been swooshed. Don't know but it's creeping me out.  I don't want to eat it because it might eat my soul instead.

The highlight of my year is the Ugly Christmas sweater.  It's when a  bunch of my friends get together and wear ugly Christmas sweaters.  For the last few years, My sweater was lame.  But not in an ugly sweater way, but just tame, in fact it was pretty cute.  This year I was determined to go all out.  I searching second hand shops around my town.  And I discovered the only thing uglier than a sweater, a sweater VEST!  Matched with a holiday turtle neck and I was golden.

Then I put it on.

I cried.

It's suprising hard for woman who has "ugly girl syndrome" to wear an ugly sweater willingly.  (BTW "ugly girl syndrome" is not a real thing recoginzed by the medical community, I just made it up)

But being the trooper I am, I headed out to the party because I KNEW FOR SURE I was going to win.

I didn't.
I wasn't even a condenter.

I did get grooped by a guy who was reaching around to put his arm around his bros for a picture, and got me instead.

That didn't do much for my UGS at all.

The rest of the holidays went fine.

What was your biggest Holiday fail?