Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Thought process of the 3 year old

If you ever wondered how being a snarky teenager starts.... behold the wonder
Zoey: What's the blue stuff on the Earth?
Me: Water
Zoey: What's the green stuff?
Me: Land.
Zoey: Do we live on the green?
Me: yes.
Zoey: I don't like it...I don't care. And I since I don't care, my imaginary don't care.
On the same car ride:
Zoey: Mom my cup fell>
Me: Ok  
Hubby and I continue with our conversation..
Zoey: Mom my cup fell. 
Me: Is it safe to assume you'll be listening in on all of our conversations from this point.
Zoey: Yes. But my cup fell. 
Hubby:  Mom's driving she can't get it.
Zoey: But you're not driving...
Hubby: Sigh, you're too smart. 
Zoey: Yes I am, but I need my cup. 


  1. I tell my kids all the time: I am not the flight attendant, just waiting to fulfill all your needs in the car. But they don't care so much. :0)

  2. Yep, thats one smart 3 year old. In my experience, the best thing about parenting is taking all the credit for how awesome your kids turn out.

  3. do you remember me... i did the tsunami project last year and sat in the front row. i miss your class and hearing your everyday none of my new teachers do that

  4. sry i ment to add stories after your

  5. LOL! I'm kinda dreading when my baby gets old enough to actually start talking ... who knows what he's really thinking? (Probably, man, mom's crazy!)