Monday, October 17, 2011

Music Monday- Jack's Mannequin

Jack's Mannequin has a new album out and simply out, it's amazing.

People and Things debuted at #9 on the Billboard top 200 list.

Just a little side note, 9 through 15 are pretty freaking awesome:

9) Jack's Mannequin-  People and Things
10) Blink 182- Neightborhoods
11Wilco- The Whole Love
12) Mayday Parade- Mayday Parade
13) Kanye West (who cares)
14) Foster the People - Torches.

Anyway People and Things is by FAR the best Jack's Mannequin CD.  It's perfect.  Seriously. It's perfect.

The music breaks my heart but makes me happy at the same time.

"My Racing Thoughts" is one of the best singles I've heard. It totally embraces the Jack's Mannequin sound but still stays fresh.  It's like running into a old friend on the street, there's a split second you've forgotten all about them and as soon as he or she opens his or her mouth, it's like your home again and you don't know how you could ever forget them.

If you don't know about their back story, read it here: because it's amazing.

When so few CD are worth the $9.99, this one will pay for itself in the first listen.

Oh Andrew you're such a cutie (and by confessing that I"ve made my entire review null in void)  check out My Racing Thoughts video here.