Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Monday- The Green album

So I love the muppets. They are the original in smart programing that's not really for kids but is marketing to kids anyway, like Phineas and Ferb and Animanatics. 

I freaked out when I saw the first trailer for The Muppets, and I've never loved Jason Segel more than I do now, he was one of the writers for the movie.

I plan on seeing it twice in the theater, once without my kid and once with her.  Because I KNOW for a fact, I'm going to miss a chunk of the movie because her peanut size bladder won't be able to hold the thimble of water I'm going to give her during the movie.   So instead of missing ten minutes of the movie, I'm just going to spend an extra $15 to see it twice.

But back to music Monday, all of the rant above leads me to this:

It's a bunch of Alt Rock musicians covering songs from The Muppets.
This is basically the most perfect thing in the world for me.
Artists include:
OK GO, doing the THEME SONG
The Airborne Toxic Event, doing THE WISHING SONG
The Fray doing MAHNA MAHNA
Weezer WITH Haley Williams doing THE RAINBOW CONNECTION.

It's very exciting in my world right now.
It comes out August 23, so go and pre-order it now.