Friday, June 24, 2011

Five for Friday- Inspire me

My good friends over at the Paper Hangover asks,

What are 5 things that get's your creativity juices pumping?

1) Betas--- when someone makes a suggestion about my book, I think, "oh very cool" Lots of times a new idea pops into my head right then and there.   I play with it in my brain for a little while and poof I have a new scene. My lovely beta's have made each draft a 100000% better.

2) Other writers- lots of times when I'm reading something really amazing, I need to stop.  I stop for two reasons.  One I don't want the story to end.  Two, it inspires me to write.  I think, "oh, I know what I want the characters to do or say?"  Or the interactions of the characters inspires me to write something for my own book.

3) Music-  Lyrics about teen angust or love that slipped through someone's fingers.  Music about life, heartbreak and lighter funnier times.  Music get's me pumped to write.  All Time Low makes me want to write about No System At All, Motion City Soundtracks makes me want to write Penny and Hank.  Fall Out Boy makes me think about New York Karma.  And Universal Breakdown doesn't have a soundtrack... YET.

4) Dreams-  No System At All was inspired by a dream, so was New York Karma.  Weird images, fragments of plots,  that linger in my head hours after I wake and cling to the side of my brain like a barnacle holds on to a boat.   The longer I think about it, the better the book will be.

5) TV and Movies-- Sometimes it's a documentary about parallel universes and inspires a book.  Sometimes it's an episode of Friends.  More times then I'm willing to admit it's Doctor Who.  Art inspire me. 

What inspires you?


  1. My writing partner provides a great source of inspiration, along with my dreams and nature.

  2. Other writers are a big source of motivation, I forgot that one myself.

  3. I can't wait to find out about your Dr Who inspired project.

  4. TV and movies are very inspiring! And Pam was inspired by a dream for WANTS, so that's neat you two have that in common :) And you are so right about BETAs and other writers--I've gotten so many ideas and light bulb moments from BETA comments. Nice list!

  5. Great list. Music is one of my biggest sources of inspiration. :)

  6. Have you considered the Smiths (or Morrissey's solo work) and Bowling for Soup? ~lintroller821