Monday, May 02, 2011

Jousting Peeps- The Doctor Who edition-- part 1

Today's mission is very special to me.  Because it's about one of my all time favorite things.  Doctor Who.

Namely the companions and which one is the best.

So Rose was off list because she was the doctor's most beloved companion and had two different Doctors.

Martha was off the list because she sucks.  Only two episodes of her entire season were worth watching, Gridlock and Blink.

That leaves us with Donna Noble and Amy Pond.

Donna is sassy, awesome and had a PERFECT season on the show.  Amazing. 

Amy Pond is Sassy, strong, and also had a perfect season.

Our peeps must fight!

To the battle arena

Close battle--- SUPER CLOSE BATTLE... as it should be.

But the winner is Donna Noble.

Next week

Doctor 10 Verses Doctor 11.


  1. So, I'm taking I need to start watching this show, huh? :)

  2. I'm trying to be angry over this because I LOVE Amy Pond, but I can't because of how close it was.

  3. I've heard a lot about this show ... I should probably watch at least an episode so I can know what all my friends are talking about ...

  4. YES! I was literally chanting for Donna as I read the post. Donna is hands down my favorite. Amy-- I'm still not totally warmed to her b/c they play around with her and Rory so much, always making us think she's more into the Dr. (though they put some of that to rest this week).
    I loved some of Martha's (2 part Human Nature-- that was rad, with the scarecrows! cmon!) and what about the Shakespeare code (expeliarmus FTW).
    Loved Blink too BTW.

  5. there so deformed

  6. I have to say it was very close. But I agree with a previous comment that they played around with Amy too much. So I can't cheer either way! They were both good. Though Rose holds a place in my heart, as well as my envy! She got her very own Doctor for keeps!!!!