Monday, April 18, 2011

Jousting Peeps- traditional or self publishing

Lynn Colt asked about the future of publishing:  Which is better: self-publishing vs. traditional! Battle of the yr in the pub world; would like to see how it turns out w/ peeps!==she asked via twitter-- I assure you Lynn knows how to spell the world year. :-)

Yes the debate is of the year--- of the debate of the last few years.... TO THE BATTLE ARENA.
Purple is for traditional publishing, and green is for self publishing.  (Yes the color choices were very intentional.  Purple= royalty, tradition.. green= new and environmentally friendly )
Green takes an early lead.

But Purple starts to blow up and show it's muscle.

But what's this?  A tie?  Green looks like it's winning but it never breaks the barrier.

This topic is TOO important for a tie... TIME FOR ROUND 2.

Evenly matched

Battle arena

Look at Purple BLOW UP.

Now it's an even match

This time I left them in 45 seconds and they caught on fire.   But still NO winner.

Two rounds and both were a tie.

Looks like the future of publishing will NOT be determined by marshmallow and sugar.  Nope the future of publishing will be determined how all revolutions are.. by the consumers. 

Reactions?  Questions for next week?  Let me know in the comments.


  1. Hilarious. The epic battle still rages. ;)

  2. Haha this made me laugh so hard! And then they caught on fire ... lol!

  3. I thought this was pretty telling. They are both winners! We will continue to have both! Yeah for PEEPS!

  4. LOL, epic battle! Thanks for the awesome post :D

  5. So funny! I guess there is no clear answer then. Hehe :)

  6. Oh my stars! This is so funny. We love Peeps in our house. Great debate!

  7. Awesome. I'm so going to miss this segment.

    Marie at the Cheetah