Thursday, April 14, 2011

HOCO Thursdays- the Library

So did you know there's this place were you can borrow books FOR FREE?  It's like Amazon but you don't have to pay for it and the book isn't gathering dust in your basement.

Did you also know there are people who work at these magical places who know EVERYTHING?  Yep, everything.  

It's call ed a library and it's the most awesome place on the planet.

I have the pleasure of living two minutes away from my library and it's amazing.  My daughter BEGS to go.

They have a children play and book area that rivals Barnes and Noble, which is saying something because B&N is there to make money and the library is FREE.

Did you know the Librarians will come to your school and TEACH for you.  Yep.  Every library has it's only set of schools it supports and the Teen coordinator will come to your school and talk to your kids about cool books.  Every time the Teen Coordinator from the Savage Branch comes to my classroom, my To Read Pile gets insanely long.

If you are a Hoco parent, email your child's teacher and ask if he or she knew about this program.

Oh and have you seen the WEBSITE.  OH it's wonderful. Do you need something to do with your child?  There's like a trillion different programs going on at once.   Are you looking for a new book to read?  BAM recommendations. Hey what new books did they order?  POOF you can search it and request them.

EEK from looking at this list I found a new to me  Simone Elkeles book.  SWOON.

I could do a blog post every Thursday for MONTHS about the website alone. 

Yep.  Hoco has the best libraries around.

Every time I walk in, I'm grateful I live here.  With the shocking number of library that are losing their funding and closing it makes me ache about the future of America.

Thank you, Howard County Libraries... thank you.


  1. This is the second library post I've read this morning. I really should check out my local library.

  2. I don't know what I would have done as a kid without libraries. Bankrupted my parents by making them buy me tons of books, I guess - or, sadder, just not read that many.

    Libraries are so crucial in instilling a love of books in kids. We have to figure out how to keep them around!

  3. That's awesome that your daughter loves going to the library--I wish more of my students were like that. :)

  4. We are super fortunate to have such fabulous libraries. I should visit them more often...

  5. Yes- we love our library. We try to go once a week. It's the best!

  6. I'm an avid library user - books, cds, movies, seminars, events for kids, etc.. I am VERY grateful for our libraries. The selection at HoCo libraries is way better than B&N - to say nothing of the wonderful cost - FREE! Go HoCo Libraries!!!!