Thursday, April 28, 2011

HOCO Thursdays-follow up

A few weeks ago I spoke about my roads... and since then more work has been done and yep, they are even more jacked up.

It's bad.

At this point I'm getting a little worried about any type of long term damage it's going to do to my car. But in the interest of full disclosure I don't know a lot about cars either.

But I was told that Howard County IS backlogged on street paving and when the fiscal budget passes that they will be working that backlog.  But of course there is no guarantee that OUR street will be fixed.

Here's the thing, why should they?  With our backyards as a possible CSX depot why should Howard County spend a bunch of money on streets where the property value will tank?

Well, one reason is to assure the people of Hardwood park and of Elkidge that the local government has our backs, that they are willing to live up the the promises they made.  Watch the video to see.

Ok if you don't know what I'm talking about CSX wants to build a new intermodal facility in Maryland.  And honestly I'm cool with that.  it will solve a TON of problems and rails are WAY more efficient that trucks.

There are four site and long story short, the one in my backyard is PERFECT for CSX.  

For me it means more traffic, MORE trains, more noise pollution decrease property values.

Translation... I've got to move and quick, or at least by 2015. 

Now in all fairness a final decision has not been made.  And CSX has done three public workshops to help share information and easy the mind of the people.  I went to one on 4-21  and it was informative.  

I talked to many different MDOT employees and they were knowledgeable and reassuring.  Although I did point out that the cite was in a flight path that seemed to throw them off a little.

The results of the survey was posted online you can see here.  I was SHOCKED at the LACK of comment cards filled out.  There was at least 30 people there and only 7 people filled out cards. 

FAIL-- Howard County.  BIG FAIL.

I'll be keeping my eye on this.  I am by no means an expert but I'll keep you in the loop.   You can go to the the Patch for more information.  That's where I got all my news.

I will also say all the flowering trees are killing my allergies so I'm a little grumpy.