Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Stupid Toy Tuesday- boneknapper

How to train your Dragon is a pretty big deal in my house.  My daughter LOVES the 7 minute short called Boneknapper on the HTTYD Blu Ray.  It's called The Legend of Boneknapper.  It's pretty awesome.

When my Hubby found the toy a few days before her birthday, he knew it was the best gift of her birthday.

I broke it getting it out of the box. I was using shears to get all plastic rings out of the box and I cut a piece of the bone armor.

I ruined her gift.

She didn't care, but Hubby did.

That being said, it's a cool looking toy.

But every piece comes off.

They're supposed to form some tiny dragon but because I cut a millimeter of plastic off of it, we can't make the dragon.

As I was taking off the pieces to take the picture the wing fell off.

In fact EVERYTHING falls off of it.

It's one of those toys that's cool to look at but you can't play.  And doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of a toy doesn't it.

For a different review of the toy, you can go here


  1. I hate toys like this because, if my daughter is any indication, it leads to unhappy kids :(

    The movie was very cool, though :-)

  2. Still haven't seen that movie--think I need to check it out because it sounds really cute. :)

  3. PAM, that's a crime against AWESOME. Go, rent it, watch it in high def. It's toy story 3 level good.

  4. Love the movie... haven't bought any of the merchandise (I'm a bad consumer).
    Good to know-- thanks for the review

  5. Um, shouldn't toys not have small parts like that? Just saying.