Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Toy Tueday- Tangled

Yep the MOST appropriate titled toy of all time.

This is what the toy looks like in the box-- how flipping cute, right?  She's so pretty, her hair is so long, there's three skirts to change her into.  Oh SO CUTE.

This is what it looked like after I took it out of the box,

Yep she's not nearly as cute or glamorous.

In fact she looks like she had a couple of rough nights back in college and hasn't quite given up the lifestyle.

I know what you were thinking Disney. You thought little girls LOVE to play with dolls with LONG hair.  Girls can brush the hair, braid it, and well that's about it.   But it's zero fun when it's a tangled mess.

Oh wait, now I know why you renamed the movie from Rapunzel  to Tangled--- it was truth in advertising.  Well played Mickey Mouse, well played.


  1. Ha! My niece has a birthday coming up, and I was leaning toward this exact doll...maybe not so much :)

  2. Bwahahaha
    She did look beautiful at first... now it's time to cut her hair and take her magic away. A bob is much more practical!

  3. Is that normal doll hair? It looks pretty fine.

    Although my barbie days are way behind me. (For serious. Like, weeks.)

    Maybe... detangler? >.>

  4. Oh my goodness. I thought you were going to say that's what she looked like after the dog or cat got to her.

  5. That's shocking...

    Disney usually is a good product. I am surprised. I'd take it back and ask to see another one. IF they are all like that, I WOULD write the company and complain.

    Very poor craftsmanship and Disney products aren't cheap.


  6. I'm with Michael, they aren't cheap. You should take it back, that's not good at all.

  7. EVERY Rapunzel doll looks like that when it comes out of the box. Its the packaging. They weave this plastic thing into her hair but if you don't pull it at just the right angle-- well, you saw what happened.

    It's small because in the movie her hair is supposed to be 70 feet long and they're going for something that's to scale. I think.

    I think toy makers are making the packaging hard to get into because this way you have to destroy the box and there's nothing to return the item in. It cuts down on returns

  8. I bought this at the grocery store for my daughter while waiting in line (can you say 'sucker'?). It is now shoved in the bottom of her toy box somewhere- along with the $30 full size barbie version that she got for her birthday that the animals braid the hair? Yeah, that thing does NOT work, and had the same thing happen with the hair. What is with those stupid plastic rings??

  9. Haha! My daughter has that toy too, and I immediately put her hair in a braid. So much nicer!