Friday, February 04, 2011

Things I love-entertaining educational programing

I love Nat Geo. I love this History Channel.  I love the Science channel.  I love being able to lay in bed and learn things without having to move.  I am VERY lazy.

My DVR is FILLED with documentaries about Egypt (not about current events- I'm not really sure why everyone is so mad expect that the government took away the internet... which yeah would piss me off, but I'm thinking there's a lot more to it).

I also have documentaries about space--- about four different shows.  I have documentaries about stuff underground-- like Crystal Caves and Cities of the Underworld.  Lots of stuff about animals.

You know what I never ever ever expected to find on my DVR- shows that make me laugh.

I am a little in in love with the show Pawn Stars. For those of your who don't know, it's about a pawn shop in Las Vegas, and you never know what's going to walk in through the front door. Every episode is exactly the same.  Something cool comes in,  Rick wants it but only if he can get it for the right price, he wants to make sure it's real, he calls in an expert.  The Expert gives a value- Rick offers half the retail value and the guy normally takes the deal.

You would think it would get lame and boring but it's awesome. Rick knows everything and if he doesn't he can call someone who does. I love this show. My husband watched the first 2 seasons on netflix instant viewing over a weekend. You can't stop watching it.

The next show is An Idiot Abroad-- IT's on the Science Channel- although I have NO idea why it's there and not on the Travel Channel- but it probably has to do with legal issues or something boring like that. There's NOTHING I can say that can make you watch the show expect if you watch this trailer you'll be hooked:

The full show is even funnier.
Go check your local listings


  1. Oh my gosh, my hubby and I saw the trailer for An Idiot Abroad, and thought it looked hilarious! Can't wait to see an episode :) Thanks for the fun post!

    PS- I love Planet Earth. Love it, love it, love it.

  2. I lurve ricky Gervais and Stephen MErchant. Will check it out

  3. I love NatGeo/Discovery/History/Etc channels, too!
    And that first video still scared the BEJEEBUS out of me when the page loaded. LOL

  4. We don't get have cable, so we miss out on a lot of those until they come to DVD. We saw the Crimson Wing recently, a gorgeous documentary on flamingos on Lake Natron in Tanzania. Every bit as moving as March of the Penguins, except you get to watch babies die from encrustations of salt instead of freezing to death. Otherwise, it's stellar.

    And can't wait for An Idiot Abroad to come out on DVD!

  5. I love the History Channel & Discovery and Nat Geo. Pawn Stars is fun. I wish we got the science channel, but we don't and also wish we got BBC. We get the NASA channel.