Thursday, January 06, 2011

Why I love writing...

No System At All has been my labor of love for the past three years.  I write a little, get pissed off, spend my self into a deep suckfest spiral and then go back, rewrite, and fall in love again.

I've written before how I sent an epic failure of a query experiance.  It's cool. I've learned SO much and now I'm ready to try again...eventually.  Very soon.  Promise.

The hold up has been I don't trust myself.  I sent my books out to betas to read  I take their feedback and I make the changes.  Sometimes I think "um, no." Most of the times I think, "crap they're totally right." And sometimes I think "Holy crap that's awesome and I need to go off and write....right now!" 

So KO read the lastest draft and pointed out (citing my blog too) that How To Train Your Dragon introduces the conflict and all the main characters without getting bogged down with back story.

No System At All has has a new opening for nearly every draft. 

After reading a suggestion by KO I ran off and wrote this:

There was a rumor floating about the New Jersey suburbs of Princeton that the McCaffrey brothers destroyed lives.  If you were a douche of unspeakable proportions they paid you a visit.  The McCaffrey’s brothers' punishments, or pwnings, were so swift and fitting the douches, or noobs, either changed their ways, moved or went to jail. 

The rumor was true.

Bryce, nineteen, pwned noobz because he had a hazy moral compass. He knew God punished the evil but He took too long.  And he knew for a fact that God stole the good far too quickly. Bryce wanted to live as long as he fucking could.

Colin,  younger brother and  mastermind, pwned noobs because it made his life infinitely easier.  He was an easy target, skipping a grade and being the youngest Senior at Millbrook High School. He worked hard to keep a low profile, avoiding all the social trappings of  High School.  If something came onto his radar it must be bad and worthy of pwnage.  

They had been pwning since elementary school and the meek had finally inherited the school.  Or at the very least, they could walk down the hallways without being harassed.  But this was his senior year and he had a lot of shit on his plate.  The meek would have to take care of themselves, until he got his acceptance letter to Julliard.

So yeah, it might not stick around or it might.  I guess really its up to you guys.

But I write because I love that ahah moment.  That moment where everything clicks.  I love when I can't wait to get to a computer so the words can leak out of my fingers and fill the screen.  

That's why I write. 

Why do you?


  1. Well, you know I'm in favor of it. I think it's important to let the reader know (esp. if they're noobs like me) what pwning is and why these guys are different/unique.

    Will it ultimately be a back cover, or a query, or a first chapter, that's up to you.

    I'd love the hear what the Others think!

  2. Wait--I thought you ditched the Julliard angle?

    The new opening made me laugh, but it also felt like I was reading it through a filter, if that makes any sense.

  3. Thanks, now I want to read more! Great stuff! :)