Friday, January 14, 2011

Things I Don't Understand Week- looking sexy at the gym

I go to a really nice gym.  It has marble floors, three pools, two water slides, a rock wall, a spa and a cafe.  It also has a child care center that revels most daycare centers.

I wear loose fitting work out pants, a long sleeve shirt, and my i pod.  But I'm feel a hideous troll when I see some of the other women at the gym.

Christ how are we the same species?

How do we have 99.9 of the same DNA?

Well no, that's not true, most of their DNA has been altered with the inclusion of extra plastic and silicone.

I've watched women dress in cute little outfits and put on lip gloss to work out.

I'm not going to rant about beauty or how unfair it is that some people look hot all the time.

But come on people.

It's the gym.

Don't let the spa fool you, the air stinks like sweat for a reason.

You might look how going in, but you smell on the way out.

But I guess the life of a trophy wife is very difficult.

Wow sorry for the snark.

Next week- we're going to talk about the first 10 pages of your book. 


  1. This is what you get based on your choice of gym selection. There's the fashion/appearance oriented gyms and then there's the ones for people that want a good place to exercise.

  2. See the problem is that fashion magazines tell single women to dress cute at the gym because it's a possible pick up place for single guys. I'm not at the gym to pick up anyone. I'm at the gym to work my fat ass off on the treadmill, and that means I get sweaty and gross.

    Plus, those girls are already in shape and therefore should be banned from the gym. They make the rest of us look bad... :)

  3. I've only recently started going to the gym, and the one I go to caters to 'regular people,' (really, that's a big part of their sales pitch) so I don't see much of this, but I have seen it occasionally and I just shake my head because I'm not sure what to think. I imagine they feel a need to dress up at the gym because of their insecurities.

    And YAY for the first 10 pages!

  4. Ha! I think we go to the same gym. How can anyone look cute with mascara running down there cheeks? Oh, I know, because they don't sweat.

  5. When I belonged to Bally's there were girls that dressed like that complete with mascara. I really wanted to go smack them. The gym I belong to now has no one that dresses like that. Which is good. Of course, the guys aren't as cute either...

  6. This is excellent snark.

    I work out in my basement, because I don't like to feel like a troll. I am neither graceful nor naturally lovely in my barretted-back hair and tight workout clothes, and that's fine! It's a gym! Totally, totally agree.

    Long live the sweaty trolls!

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  7. I've had trial passes to a few local gyms where every person is like that. No thanks! A workout should be about a workout! One of the reasons I mostly just walk for my exercise now :)