Thursday, December 16, 2010

Abandon Warehouses

Writing has LOTS of cliches, there are web pages decided to them.  Movies are equally punishable for this crime.


You need something bad to happen to your characters, they're kidnapped, plotting a murder, or just scheming to do something hideous.  Where can they go to do these acts of villainy?

Starbucks?  No it's all full of writers who will probably steal your idea for their next book.

The public library?  It's hard to do evil when you're in the children's section listening to a 45 year old woman reading The Velveteen Rabbit to pre-schoolers.

The mall?  Too easily distracted by the great sales going on.

Your place? No never mix business with your home life... ever.

Abandon warehouse it is.

Take a second to stop and think how many movies have a scene in an abandon factory or warehouse?  I only saw 5 movies this year (in the theaters) and two of them had the scenes in the abandon warehouse, Inception and Red.

So I was thinking, if movies were like real life, and every movie, or TV show or book was based in the real world... then there would be WAY more evil deed done then available empty warehouses.

Does evil have a sign up sheet to use the warehouses?  What happens if it get double booked?  Is there a security deposit for the warehouse, because most likely there will be a mass shooting or at least ceiling damage from a super hero crashing through it. Who pays for the damages?  Who cleans up the mess?

These are the deep questions that pop into my brain. 

What sort of movie/writing cliches makes you stop and wonder would it be like if it was a REAL LIFE thing?


  1. I've always wondered about those romantic comedy scenes where the couple kisses at the end of the movie in the rain. I've seen many movies with this cliche. In real life, who would actually keep making out in the rain like that? I mean, you're getting soaked, you're cold, and usually, there's a dry place a few feet away where you could go instead!

  2. I agree wtih Ghenet--I definitely see lovers kissing in the rain. Another cliche in rom coms is when the hero has to run to find the girl before it's too late. When he finally catches up with her...they kiss in the rain. :)