Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday- If I ruled the world.

If you were made supreme ruler of the publishing world, what would be your first ruling?

hmmm, supreme power, huh?  Yeah I don't handle that well.  

 First order of business-  get rid of stupid girls as your protags.  Characters who have no inkling about the sort of danger they are in or even value their own lives enough to aviod the situation.   Bella and main character from Hush Hush, (she was so forgettable and unlikeable I can't even remember her name). 


I posted about this a while ago and it's one of my biggest pet peeve.  Teachers, principals, guidance councilers, we're all there to help students not to make them feel bad.  It's LAZY writing on the part of the writer if the best anotagist they can come up with is a mean teacher.  

I'm not saying that there aren't bad teachers but for every one bad teacher you had, you had seven good ones.  

Third order of business:
Writers CAN NOT submit their sh*tty first drafts for publications.   All the crazy queries written in crayon, and or in the POV of the main character or whatever, it makes the people who work EXTREMELY hard look bad.  So do the blogs that make fun of them.

Forth order of business:
EVERY AGENT and EVERY Literary agancey MUST HAVE A WEBSITE--- the internet is NOT going anywhere people, time to jump on that bandwagon.

Fifth order of business:
NO ONE is allowed to query more than 30 agents for a single project.  Let's stop flooding their inboxes with crappy queries.  Let's not give them a reason to make fun of us.

Sixth order of business:
Let's have a bigger variety on the book shelves.  Borders should not have three shelves FULL of Paranormal romance.  More male protags, more original plots,  let's take some risks out there. 

Seventh order of business:
Let's not forget to be awesome.  Remember Do the Write thing for Nashville?  The writing community raised nearly $50k in 10 days.  Awesome.  Remember Writeoncon?  A totally FREE online writers conference?  Awesome.  Let's do more. 

It's time to get off my power trip, I tend to lose my luggage every time I travel.


  1. You're good-- I didn't think of most of this, and they're all great idea.
    Go Erinn!

  2. I totally concur. I feel like I just went through the first New World Publishing Order board meeting AND LOVED IT.

  3. I particularly like #3 & #4, myself. Although I do love crayons.

  4. haha! we did have the same first step!


  5. I'm all about #4. I get worried when there is zero web presence. Then again, my agent's web presence includes a bio on the agency's About Us page and the rare mention on blogs about agents. I tease her mercilessly, though I totally get why she likes to lay low. At least she has a bio out there! LOL

  6. Preach on, sister! Love your ideas, especially number three. Isn't it funny about how the few who think they're above following directions make the rest of us look like morons?

  7. Totally on board with #4 as well. It's just not that hard to have some sort of web presence.

  8. Awesome! Intelligent protagonists and nice teachers FTW!