Monday, November 01, 2010

Nanowrimo- GOOD LUCK

For the month of November Monday's will be CHEER ON NANOWRIMOS

My life isn't really Nanowrimo  friendly.  For me, November means, end of the first marking period, grading hell, parent teacher conferences, Thanksgiving, and the fight with my husband about how I will NOT wake up at 4 am to go shopping on Black Friday. 

No, for me it's National Rewrite A Book for an Agent who May Be Interested In It.

So yeah.  My goal is to get the rewrites done in November. 

But for most of the rest of the writing community they are starting a first draft of novel. 

To all my nanowrimo friends:

Week 1-  you're excited, you've got an idea, you know your characters, you might know what your plot is going to be.  You've opened that blank Word document and it's filled with untapped potentional. 
Could this be your single greatest work of all time?  Maybe.   Will it need a year of rewrites? Most likely.   Should you query it on December 1?  HELL NO. 

But that's too far away in the future.  Right now you've got writing to do.  Those 50K won't write themselves. 
I"m sure it's going to be a very very very very very very very very very smooth and seamless process.  See what I did to up my word count.  I'm a genius. 


  1. I'm going to be a NaNo cheerleader too. I'll be revising a first draft this month instead of writing one ;)

  2. Me, three-- I am still working on my current WIP, and I don't want to lose focus.

  3. "Should I submit my 50K of word salad to writing group on Dec 1?"

    ...also no.

    Thanks for the encouragement! :D