Monday, November 08, 2010

Nanowrimo- GOOD LUCK Week 2

Ok Have you lost any steam?  Did real life filter in to your creative zone?  Did you have great plans to sit down and 10k this weekend vanish the instant  your best friend called you with a much cooler option then sitting alone in a quite room playing with imaginary friends?
It's ok if you didn't hit your writing goal this weekend, you still have PLENTY of time to write.  At this point in the game you can still afford to be social.

Go check out your local chapter of Nanowrimo and see if there's a Write In going on.

Writing doesn't have to be a lonely adventure.  Nope you can be sort of social while still getting your work done.  YAY.

You may be that lonely antisocial person talking to themselves, but if you do it at a Panera with other writers, you don't look nearly as creepy.

Also you can have fun little writing games,  how many words can you write in 10 minute blocks?  Compete against other writers.  The winner gets the prize of know you're better than everyone else.   Isn't arrogance the best prize of all? 

The following people are doing Nanowrimo, and you can read about it  here:
Go MO!   Click for her blog here 
Alicia doing it too.

By the way this week is featured theme is guess the art project.  My daughter (2) and myself (31)  did an art project, all week I'll be posting pictures of it.  Try to guess what it is.