Monday, October 25, 2010

What did I do?

Sometimes people give you a gift and you think, what the hell were they thinking.

Other times they give you a gift and they tell you what they were thinking and you still think, what the hell?

Sometimes the gift isn't for me, sometimes it's for my two year old.

My Inlaws came back from a cruise.  They gave back this for my daughter.

It's offensive on many levels.  It's a bad sterotype.  It's a chihuahua.  And it sings La Bamba. 

My daughter loves it.  She played it once, and then again, and again, and again and again again.

We tried to distract her and turn it off.  My daughter found the on off switched buried under a mound of fur in less time then it takes the dog to sing La Bamba.

When my husband asked, "what were you thinking?"
MIL answered I wanted to get the most annoying thing because you were so annoying as a kid.

I answered, "yeah but I didn't know you as a child and I didn't do anything to warrant this punishment."

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. It's a cute looking dog. Can you pull out the batteries?

  2. I love the MIL's response. Sorry for you though. My kids always loved stuff like that when they were little. The more obnoxious the better. Sigh.

  3. It sort of looks like the mariachi has a sad face drawn on it. Which would be appropriate. Gift For Child FAIL

  4. I hate toys that play songs. I just simply HATE them; no matter how cute the song is, the kid keeps playing it over and over and over until you hate the day you (or the person who gave it to your kid) ever thought of buying it.

    Kids tend to like the weirdest things though. My niece is practically in LOVE with a stuffed deer with GREEN glowing eyes.

    IT. IS. SCARY!


    You could always arrange a "kidnap" or "trip" for the Chihuahua though *evil grin*

  5. Let's just hope that Chihuahua does not take the place of "Moo" and become her best friend.