Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday- trapped on an island

You're packing for a month on a deserted island. What, as a reader and writer, must be in your backpack?

Yeah first of all it depends on the island... if is that crazy island that the characters from LOST was on, I would need a weapon it hit Kate in the head every time she went stomping through the forest on some crazy mission. 

But seriously I'm sort of a princess.  

As a writer I would need my laptop, a solar battery and wireless internet thingy.  This way I could blog about my goings on and go to How Stuff and google to figure out survival stuff.   Yep.  I would NOT last long at all.  But at least I could e-mail someone my GPS location and get out there quickly and to a hotel with free wi-fi.

I guess if I was without internet it would force me to sit down and write, something I sadly have not been doing.  

As for a reader I would need all the books on my TO READ LIST   These books must be finished by Winter break this is my FALL reading list-
Currently it's:
20 boy Summer
Ice Queen
Pay the Piper 
Hex Hall 
Outcast United 
Going Bovine
And that book about a  Clockwork or something.  

Yeah-- no real deep insight to my personality with my all time favorite book or something. Just basic survival and free time for me.  

Oh and I would bring food too.

The one book I would NOT bring--- Lord of the Flies--- while it's one of my all time favorite books, I would be afraid that I was Piggy and I know for a fact that doesn't end well.  



  1. I love that more than one person has mentioned Lord of the Flies in relation to this topic!

  2. Lord of the Flies would easily be the LEAST comforting thing to bring on a deserted island. DVDs of LOST on the other hand... *Sawyer/Jin Swoon*

  3. As a fellow princess, I hear you on the non survival thing. Good call on no Lord of The Flies.

  4. This post made me snort with laughter. And yeah, no LOTF on my island.

    BTW, that Clockwork book is awesome! Make sure it doesn't get wet!

  5. Long live technology!! :)

    Glad I found your blog - took me a while to.

  6. LOL! I doubt you'd be the Piggy of that island - for a start, you're the only person there! ...unless there are natives, in which case, you'd probably be their new god. So...hooray! :D

  7. Going Bovine is great but enormous- it can double as your weapon for hitting that girl in the head, if need be.