Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday- Best Book of October

I started this month in a book binge in an effort to distact myself from waiting for an evaultion for an agent.  I started reading a lot.  Then I got the crititque back- over all very positive but needs some rewrite.
I lost all motivation to read or write and I've spent the last half of the month playing Plants Verse Zombies. 

In fact right now, as I writing this, I'm avoiding my rewrites. 

But I read the following books

The  Ice Queen
It was  my first grown up book in a long time.  It was a solid read but I quickly rushed back to YA.

Hush hush

Simply put: the worst book I've read in 5 years.  I won't go into detail, because I don't life bashing books on my blog but I do want to be honest.  This book just wasn't for me.

Hex Hall
This book had GREAT promise but sort of whined in the end.

Fluffy goodness in a candy coating.  Although the cover is BEAUTIFUL it doesn't really fit with the overall tone of the book.  There's about a BILLION reviews of this book all over the blogosphere. 

The magical life of Long Tak Sam
graphic novel of a biography of a magician the whole world has completely forgotten about.

But the best book was The Ghost and The Goth.

I loved it.  I really did.  I sort of want to write fan fiction about it.  It the first book I've read in a long time that after I finished it, I rushed to the author's website to find out of there was going to be a squel.  YAY THERE IS! 

Was it great litearure?  By no means.   It was fluffy fluff coated in a layer of more marshmallowy fluff.  And you know what... it was AWESOME.

Basic Premise.  Bitchy Cheerleader girl gets hit by a bus and the only one who can see her ghost self is a goth guy.   It will take you two - three hours to read it.  You'll laugh, you'll be shocklying moved by the story and the characters.


  1. ooh - I always look forward to these posts. Such a a paranormal month! I haven't read any of these but HUsh Hush (which did nothing for me) I have however read some of Alice Hoffman and i did enjoy her style, but haven't felt compelled to read other work of hers.

    I'll have to see if i can get a copy of the ghost and the goth.

  2. I loved the cover for Hush, Hush but I wasn't terribly impressed with the book either. I'm not the least bit interested in reading the sequels. I enjoyed Paranormalcy quite a lot, but you're right about the cover not quite fitting with the character. I hadn't thought about it until you said it though. (I got in on my Kindle so I didn't spend much time looking at the cover.) I'll have to check out The Ghost and the Goth. It sounds like a fun read.

  3. I liked Hush Hush. I liked it enough to get the sequel when it hit paperback, but then the hardcover was on sale at Borders and I had a coupon... So it's now in my TBR list. I think it's number 7. Paranormalcy is number 1.

    Everytime I see The Ghost and the Goth I contemplate picking it up, but the cover art makes me giggle too much.

  4. I love seeing how other people think about books, what their likes and dislikes are all about.
    I haven't read any of these *gasp*.
    Ghost and the Goth sounds adorable. will check it out.

  5. I'm not usually into fluffy books (I think they're too hard to do well), but you've sold me on The Ghost and Goth. Sounds like lots of fun, and the cover is adorable!

  6. The Magical Life of Long Tak Sam looks great and I hadn't heard of it. Thanks for the rec!

  7. i've tried to read half a dozen books in the last 6 weeks - all of which i abadoned in the first 50 pages. none of them even remotely interested me. but maybe i'll give The Ghost and The Goth a go!

    - i'm suddenly thinking too, when did i become so boring and predictable? LOL

  8. I couldn't stand Hush, Hush, so now I'm adding Ghost and the Goth to my TBR! Good recommendation :-)