Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday- friends with your characters

Road Trip Wednesday

If you went to school with your characters, would you be friends?

It depends on the characters and the novel.  For how to Pwn nOObz I would have been friends Colin and Dave.

Colin is a music obsessed kid who's also smart in a pretentious way.  But he's snarky too, which is why I like him and I'd put up with my own big brain envy.

Dave is a comic book geek, fiercely loyal and all around AWESOME.  Yeah, he was my friends in high school.

But most of my characters I don't know if I'd be friends with.  They are either in a league way out of my own and I'd feel inferior to or they're too much like me and NOTHING annoys me more than people who are too much like me. 


I write to explore people, people who are VASTLY different from me, who live in worlds who mirror my own but are still alien to me.

I write to escape my real mundane world, I write because I have a story to tell, I write because I own it to the characters in my head to tell their stories.

In someways I am friends with ALL my characters, because they're my imaginary friends.  They keep me entertained when I'm driving or cleaning my house. 

So would you be friends with your characters with they are 3-D and in the real world? 

Better yet, have you ever met your characters in REAL LIFE?  I met a guy who looked exactly like Colin would like when he hits 25.  It was super weird.


  1. I ran into a character of mine once. I was working in the college computer center and this grad student came in that looked exactly like a secondary character I had in one of my now defunct projects. I was totally weirded out.

  2. LOL I have never "seen" a character in real life! That would be beyond weird. I don't picture their faces with THAT much accuracy... And I agree, in some ways I am friends with all my characters because their stories won't leave me be!