Saturday, September 18, 2010

awesome music month winners- Week 3

And the winners of Week 3 of Awesome Music Month is:

With the comment
Kate: You won't have to replace your iPod in the future, because it will be implanted in your head. #spoiler

Tabitha: Frankly school reading programs bore me to tears. I am a teacher so I can say that. I think school does an excellent job of killing the joy of reading for kids.

Why did I pick it?
Hashtag!  Hashtag and she knows the future!

Tabitha: I totally agree which is why I'm trying to come up with a new way of getting kids to read.

Congrats to the winners!

Please e-mail me  fussymonkey2 at gmail dot com

Also I wanted to apologize to Sarah Enni and Alicia for making their Thursday Morning in the office awkward for random burst of laughter in a silent room.  Your comments were awesome but you already won. 

53 songs 3.5 HOURS of music! 

There's A HUGE variety of music on the mix, from classic rock to music ruling the air waves now.

Trust me, you want this. 

You can INSTANTLY win a Mix CD if you run the same contest on your website.
 It's cheap, fun and easy.

Also if you like the music, please remember to BUY the full CD from the artist.  My goal with this contest is to spread the word about some bands I really like.