Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday- underwear drawer

RTW: What does your character hide in their underwear drawer?


So what do your characters hide in their underwear drawer? 

How to PWN nOObz and Become a Rock Star:

Colin: ABBA's Dancing Queen-- just because he's straight doesn't mean it's not a good song.

Bryce: The letter Dave's sister wrote to him before she died.  It told him to never stop playing the piano, he quite after she was buried.

Dave: A picture of his sister, before she got sick.

Jason: the one review he was able to find on line about the Daisy Club.

Daniel: The key to his lockbox where he keeps his gay porn, because he is gay and terrified to let anyone know.

Lizzy: Thongs-- there's not a whole lot of depth there.

New York Karma:

Stephanie: The hospital bill from when her boyfriend beat her, so she never forgets what happens when she lets someone into her life that she can't control.

Spencer:  his first demo, because one time before he sold out, he cared about music and the demo helped him get back on the right path.  And the check stub of his first royality check. 

Penny and Hank:

Penny: the necklace her mother gave to her.  It was supposed to be from her "father" but her mother bought it for $35.

Hank: Puppy pictures of Bruiser, Meathead and Slacker.   The candid picture of his family after the official family portraiture was taken.  Satellite telephone just in case he accidentally kidnaps a girl. 


The slight problem with this post, is that only people who have read my books would care about what's in my character's underwear drawer... it's just names and stuff, with no context for the reader.  It's a fun exercise for me, but not so much fun for other people to read. 

Also how are people getting the YA HIGHWAY roadtrip questions early?  What do I need to go get it early?  Should I send the girls at YA Highway cookies, ARCs of books that have never been published, namely the three mentioned above?  Do I need to slaughter a goat, because I'm not really down with that.  Do I need to quit my job via dry erase boards or see double rainbows?  


  1. They usually will post on twitter if asked. Sarah Enni usually asks.

  2. Thanks Holly, that's a LOT easier than killing a goat. :-)

  3. Yes, we usually post it on twitter if asked. And we also TRY to post the prompt for the next week at the bottom of each week's post (it's there now on this week's, but we're not always quite this timely.)

    We are always open to bribery, though :P Especially baked goods ;)

    Great post! :)

  4. "Lizzy: Thongs-- there's not a whole lot of depth there."

    I don't know much about your WIPs, like you said, but this made me laugh!

  5. All YA Highway cookie donations should be sent to me. I'll share with the others.



  6. I love the idea of this! This would be a great exercise to flesh out my characters better.
    Nice post!

  7. Haha, I'm glad you didn't have to slaughter a goat!

    As for the post, I found it intriguing even if I haven't read your books. It made me really curious what was going on between Dave's sister and Bryce, and I think I'd like to sit down and have a long talk with Daniel about standing up for who he is!

  8. It's still an interesting post. And it's a great way of getting to know the characters a little better :)

  9. Accidentally kidnaps a girl? That's an interesting thing for your character to worry about!

  10. LOVE the title of your first book. LOL

  11. I may not know your characters yet, but knowing their secrets sure makes me want to know more about them. :)