Monday, August 09, 2010

Brickfair 2010

All about me Mondays!

My family wento Brickfair on Saturday.  Brickfair is a convention for lego.  I've been to lots of conventions, anime, comic, the greatest of all Comic Con.  So I knew what to expect, lots of kids and lots of awkward adults.

I was shocked and disapointed to see no one dressed up as their favorite lego brick.  I wanted to picture of  four prong red brick.


Instead there were a TON of people.  When it opened at 11:00 the line wrapped around the building and looped the parking lot twice. 

I like art.  I like when people take something and make it into something else creative and completely different.  My brain is not good with legos, I can't build from the bottom and build up.   My Husband is in the process of making a TARDIS.

We took lots of pictures but these are my favorites:

The chaos as soon as it started! 

This is a fully working foozeball game made by a 10 year old. 

 Pay attention to this one, it's important.
 STAYPUFF!  Never cross your streams. 
 I'm in geek heaven with this one.

 Hubby claims his is going to be better. I believe him.
 Works of arts out of legos... remember the little legos signs... that is what they made up. Jimi!

 Chess game with legos!

BIG BALLS!!!  Wipe out.

Art is everywhere when you know where to look.


  1. These pictures are awesome! I went to Legoland in Denmark as a kid, and I think even then I was awed about the possibilities of those plastic cubes. The Jimi Hendrix picture blew my mind, though. Fun!

  2. Wow, Doctor Who xD I thought I was the only one that watched that show. Besides my dear friend Becca. But she doesn't count since she's the one that told me to watch it. Anyway, nice Tardis.

  3. O.M.G.
    that is so AWESOME and I am feeling WAY inadequate about the lame houses and other lego stuff we built this weekend.
    Sweet Dalek.