Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How not to play hide and seek

My daughter is 2 and half. It's very normal to look down on your child and think, 'you are the coolest' person on the planet. It's easy to only see the good.

I teach middle school and I'm immune to cute.

There are a few career options I'm going to go ahead and cross of the list of possibilities for my daughter.

Here's why.

She loves to play Hide and Seek.

98% of the time she hides on a blanket.

97% of the time she hides with me.

97% I ask her, "um, if I'm in here with you, who's supposed to come find us.
She answers back, "uuuuummmmmmm Subby." You know Subby, the dog who's scared of his own farts. Not exactly the smartest dog, he NEVER knows that we're playing hide and seek.
Now I'm in a dilemma. Do I shout out for the dog and hope he hears us and comes to find us? If I yell, I've defeated the whole purpose of hiding in the first place.
What to do, what to do?

Most of the time, we sit under the blanket until I get bored and change the game to something else.
Yep My daughter has a better attention span than I do.

The other 3% of the time, my daughter hides under MY shirt, the shirt I am wearing at that moment, and yells for me to find her.

I've scratched off Ninja as a possible career for her. I just don't think it's going to work out.


  1. HAHAHAHA omg I love this story. It's a sad moment in most everyone's life when we have to resign ourselves to the fact that we are not ninja material.

  2. That is so funny! My 3yo is not much better. He hides exactly where I hid the time before and giggles loud enough for the neighbors to hear. Not ninja material here either. ;) Very cute story!

  3. Oh Erinn, we knew she wasn't going to be a ninja. Don't forget at the cookout she told her new best friend WHERE TO HIDE.

  4. Tee hee - maybe she is misleading you to think that she isn't ninja-material, but have you considered the possibility that she is merely trying to get close to the target (you) to ensure her mission's success? ;)