Monday, July 19, 2010

Dog farts

This week I wanted to focus on FUNNY.

Mostly cute and funny stories about my life and family.

Today's story:

Dog farts.

My dog's name is Subwoofer. Long story short one of my students named him. We had the name picked out long before we had the dog.

Subby (that's his nickname) is the biggest chickenshit I've ever seen. He's got a mighty bark and looks sort of terrifying but in reality if a fly buzzes by his ear, he runs to me for cover.

He's not really a gassy dog. He has stunk himself out of the room before.
Last week he farted. I heard little squeek and it like he was porpelled forward by some mysterious force coming out of his ass. He jumped up on the couch next to me and buried his head under my arm.

He needed protection from his own ass.

Your ass is the one thing you can never escape.


  1. LOL!!!
    We used to have a horse named Scooter. I swear he was the gassiest creature I have ever met. We used to say he was jet propelled, and my mom called him Scooter the Tooter. [/random]

  2. "Your ass is the one thing you can never escape." These words will haunt me.

  3. I know too well about how you can't escape your own ass.

  4. Subwoofer? You obviously need help for choosing a descent name for a dog:
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