Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday!

YA highway is going on a road trip.... here we go

This Week's Topic:
If your favorite fictional characters submitted to FMyLife, what would they write?

"Who knew that people aren't who the claimed to be on the internet?"- Will Grayson

"I live in the gigantic gay shadow of my ironically named friend Tiny, of course, I'm bitter and less interesting." Will Grayson.

"Who knew that someone who was cute and funny in high school could grow up to a dull and annoying adult, shouldn't it be the other way around?" - Jessica Darling.

"Wars are such a pain in the ass, very inconvenient to my already busy lifestyle. " Death from The Book Thief. <-- yep that one didn't the book justice at all.

Yep, they're not stellar and kinda snarky but I'm allowed an off day, right?


  1. Pretty sure snarky is the name of the game, so far as FML goes! lol

  2. I liked them :) Truth in those for sure.

  3. You forgot bitter on the Jess Darling one. LOL

  4. I have got to read WILL GRAYSON. I've heard nothing but awesome things about it. And the BOOK THIEF one is so spot on.

  5. Aww, poor Death. What a brilliant narrator.

  6. Amanda Hannah- it's a great book. Go off read it. IMO Paper Towns is John Green's best book.

    Kristin Miller- Best narrator ever!

    Alicia- You're right, I did forget bitter and bitchy too. Stupid adult life making us jaded.

    Tabitha- glad you liked them

    Kate Hart- Snarky is way more fun anyway..

    BTW totally geeking out right now that 3 people from YA highway posted on my blog.