Monday, June 21, 2010

Penny and Hank update-- two days left

I hit 50K today. I dropped by kid off at daycare, drove to a Starbucks, parked my butt down and wrote until I' hit 50K... I was 4 thousand words short. It took about three hours. It was also a very emotional and slow writing part as well.

Once I got home I wasn't nearly as productive. I ate lunch, commented on TONS of blogs and did laundry. It was real life productive but not writing productive.

Tonight my plan is to write after my daughter goes to sleep.

I'm also really glad I outlined (sort of) because I LOVE to cross things off a list.

I'm on item 21, I've got 24 left to write. Plot Bunnies exploded and I might add more.

My plan is to repeat the process tomorrow.


  1. Totally terrific. I too have a list to scratch out as I complete Falling to Normal (7 more scenes. 7 more scenes.)

    Erinn = rockstar.

  2. I totally thrive from being able to cross things off of my outline. I'm so close to the bottom of Abs that I can't stand it! I want to be able finish it already!

    You rock! You rock! You rock!