Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Penny and Hank 22 days left

A quick update on Penny and Hank, this weekend I wrote wrote wrote. I hung out with my family and wrote some more.

First off I got organized-- outlined the scenes I had left to write. I had 25 scenes/ chapters to write. Basically 25 things I wanted to have happen before I ended the draft.

I like lists, they keep me organized and make me feel productive.

Over the weekend I crossed off 5 of those scene.

Last time I updated the blog I was on page 89 and had 22K words.

As of 9:38 on June 1 I have 127 33K words.

My goal is to hit 60K and 250 pages. I don't think it's going to 60k, I think I'll end up getting to 50- 55k. Which is fine because I don't want to drag the story out and have twenty pages of the characters watching Doctor Who, because while I would find it entertaining to summarize all the episodes, I'm not sure if other people would. And I don't want to get sued by a British lawyer--- they're so fancy after all.

Night all, tomorrow is a mid week links--- all about Queries.

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