Monday, June 07, 2010


1) I hit 30 followers today! YAY welcome all new followers, I hope you read and enjoy.

2) I made this announcement today via Twitter-- when I hit 50 followers I'll do some sort of very cool contest--- although I have NO IDEA what, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. PLEASE leave comments below

3) I just hit 35K of Penny and Hank tonight. I have just under three weeks left to write it. I know my goal was 60K--- but honestly- I don't think I'm going to hit it. Not because I'm avoiding writing but because I don't want to force words on a story if they don't need to be there. I WILL finish this book by the deadline. It will have a satisfying ending. It just won't hit 60K. I'm stating that now for the record. Although I am hitting fun and pivotal plot points and if my adult ADD and the shiny distractablty of the internet didn't distract me (way to use the same word twice in a sentence).

4) So YaHighway (and Alicia just won a contest over there) is having yet another contest! YAY. This one you can receive early copies of some very cool up coming YA book, including The DUFF! I'm super excited to read this even though I know it's just going to make me feel SUPER depressed that I can't write like that.

Here's the linky link. To the BEA Giveway.

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