Friday, June 25, 2010

Moms who write ROCK award!

Last week a did several posts about being a mom and a writer. Last Friday I posted about Mom guilt and writing. The comments were very interesting, ranging from there should be a support group for writers moms to moms who had ZERO guilt because doing something good for yourself is the right thing to do.

I sort of feel both ways about it.
So for the Moms out there who write, let's be known for it.

So I made an award, because I'm a dork with crappy photoshop skills. You can pick between the two awards.

I'm giving the first round of awards to:
Lynda Kang
Holly Dodson
Jemi Fisher
Tabitha Bird

Please pass this on to anyone else who is a mom and writes.

Let's put it on our blogs proudly. Let's support each other when we're covered in baby puke and we feel like giving up.

What do you say?

Who's with me?